This site is very much a Work-In-Progress

One which I very rarely have time to work on:)

With nearly 15 years of experience in all types of multimedia development, I am confident I can provide you with the best solution possible for your needs.

Jim Metz, principal

I cut my teeth on classic server-based web development using Perl-based CGI (Common Gateway Interface), msql, MySQL and SSI (Server Side Includes) technologies. I even dabbled with Java applets, but when I discovered that the upgrade path of Java 1.0 to 1.1 was somewhat less than perfect, I abandoned that path... I guess I might need to check that out again, I hear Java is somewhat popular;) DHTML and the Javascript DOM was next (I still say one browser, one computer! but that's for another time), and then I moved on to ASP (active server pages) and then quickly into ASP.NET and Web Services (VBscript.NET and C#) using Microsoft SQL and Oracle.

While all that was going on, I was also working with Macromedia Director to produce CD-Roms. Truth be told, I got into this business because a friend of mine and I owned a recording studio and knew a little about creating really good audio files... adding them to Cd's was kind of our thing. And we we were pretty good at working with video, so when it came time to add video to the CD-Roms, we just kind of fell into that as well using Premiere and various other STOTA video capture, editing and rendering hardware and software. (On a tangent... I used to sell the Amiga computer, and I was probably one of the first people in the area to have a Video Toaster to play with.)

These days I spend most of my time working with Flash and PHP. 3D is the next big thing, and is now my primary focus. I am working with a 3D engine that let's me bring a 3D world into flash and manipulate objects.

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  • Flash-based Multimedia Development

    Whether a single stand-alone application, or an entire suite of integrated applications, we can design and build your Flash applications from concept through delivery!
  • Website Design and Development

    We offer a broad range of services, from refreshing and enhancing your current website, through developing a new site from the ground up, using the latest in web development platforms, including PHP, Flash, AJAX, and Web Services!
  • Database Design and Development

    Specializing in Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases, we can analyze, design and implement any of your database development and administration needs!
  • CD-Rom/DVD-Rom Design and Development

    Using Director and/or Flash, we can build your stand-alone applications with clean and easy to use interfaces that make interacting with the media, and therefore your message, a cinch!

Keys to Your Success

Building successful relationships with vendors is one of the keys to successful projects. We are fully aware of that. That is why we strive to produce the best possible work in the least amount of time. Yeah, I now everyone says that, but we live by it. We'll work with you to keep things on time, and of course, on budget. Actually, I just put this here because I thought this website needed a "business" look and feel.

As long as you're here, have some fun!